Community Policing and Community Justice Essay

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CJ220 Criminal Justice and the Community

Community policing is explained as a collaboration of community and the police working together to help identify and solve criminal activities. Additionally, the whole concept behind it is to promote public safety and to enhance the quality of life within the neighborhoods in which we reside in. Community policing is composed of two major components which are community partnership and problem solving. Community policing is a program that was initially started in the 1940’s. All of the support that was released for this program was materialized actually in the 1980’s. One of the main goals if not the most important goal was to bring in the law enforcement closer to their local public to help
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Additionally, it focuses on problems caused by crime and problems that have caused crimes to be committed. And finally the last strategy is to promote correctional programming based on research that would measure the effectiveness of the problems or concerns that are addressed.

An example of community justice would be the “C.J.P.” which is called the Community Justice Program that was founded in 2005. It was created by the Minneapolis Police Department, Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches and the Hennepin County Adult Correctional Facility. The programs primary goal is to increase public safety by reducing recidivism through changing the behavior of offenders and effecting system change. The focus of the program is to mentor inmates prior to release and work with City and County Attorney's office, probation, parole, police to coordinate information. The Community Justice Program is designed to assist with the following types of offenders. Inmates that are returning from local detention facilities, returning from prison, not under community corrections supervision, under community corrections supervision (parole or probation), adults, men, women, people convicted of a violent offense, people convicted of a non-violent offense, gang members, and sex offenders. The volunteers for this project make a

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