Community Oriented Policing Essay

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Community Oriented Policing
In spite of the fact that the United States still exceeds many other industrialized nations in overall crime and violent crime, it has been effective in decreasing its crime rate, particularly during the 1990s. While some coalitions have attributed this positive development to changes in socio-demographic trends and rigid enforcement approaches, one coalition highlights the success of the community-oriented policing and problem-oriented policing in eradicating the root causes of crime (Stephens, 2003). While I don’t believe that community oriented policing in the sole cause of decreased crime rates I do believe that it has its positive and negative sides.
Community oriented policing is based on the complete
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The public does not want to be associated with the police while at the same time the police don’t want to change from traditional policing styles that allow them to have all the power and authority.
On the contrary, the peace model that is represented by community oriented policing is founded on the importance of cooperation and unity. With this model, both the community and the police come together, based on their agreement on the fundamental values that should be advocated by society. Together, they seek to identify effective ways for dealing with socially deviant activities that diminish the quality of life within the community. What is important to emphasize is that unlike the war model, no specific group tries to impose its norms and practices on the other group. Unless the criminal activities place the members of the community in serious danger, both parties - the police and the community - strive to work together with one another to achieve a satisfactory solution. Stephens (1994) pointed out that the COP constitutes a reversion to the role of the police during the nineteenth century. In the previous century, police officers were highly familiar with neighborhood issues through frequent interactions with members in the community and sought their help in resolving crimes. During the last decade, communication between the police and the community has been reopened by utilizing

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