Community Policing Strategies

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Policing organizations have two different types of policing strategies, one is community police and the other is problem-orientated policing. Both strategies are used with the citizens of the community to prevent crime. This paper will discuss the goals within the styles of policing, also how community and problem-oriented policing work, and Some of the criticism of community and problem-orientated policing within the organization and outside.
Community Policing
Community policing is a proactive style which involves strictly the community, it is meant to format a trust between the community and the police to help reduce the fear of crime and help prevent crime (Cheshire, 2017l¬). One example is, in Aug a group of individuals seen two Officers
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One aspect that may come up between the police and the community members is disorder. Dealing with disorder before it gets out of hand can reduce fear in the community but also deter serious crimes (Goff, 2015) An example is the “broken windows theory” this is when people break a window then some more people come alonga and break the rest of the windows out, then people see it as a vacant house and start to sell drugs from the house (phill).
The problems of community policing have some criticisms towards it; the fact that it has no shown to work ( Goff, 2015). Other parts of the community policing are that police officers don’t believe that it is not real policing. The other part of this is that police agencies have a vary hard time moving from the reactive policing to the proactive policing styles. (phill,
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It is key too reduce fear in the community with having a presence of police officer and this also includes dealing and solving the small-scale problems the community member might have. Being able to accomplish the goals of community policing it will make the community gain confidence and trust in the police organization. With the POP it doesn’t always include the community which is a problem for some people with helping with the fear of crime. POP is designed to use a system to help prevent the root of the crime that occurs in the community and help with catching the higher risk

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