Communism : Socialism And Capitalism Essay

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In the past one-hundred years there have been two popular forms of government that have dominated over the world; socialism and capitalism. Capitalism shows more of an individualistic ideology and has a self interest style of leadership, when compared to Socialism where it has a collective interest and works towards “the common good”. The opposites of these two forms of governance, is heavily displayed within their economic structures and systems. Socialism can be heavily display as communism in a sense, with that idea you can relate communism to Karl Marx the author of “The Communist Manifesto”. Karl Marx’s belief was the capitalism was the root problem between class separation, and that termination of private property would be a huge leap towards the egalitarian system where true equality is reached. On the other side of the spectrum Capitalism provides an economic freedom which leads to competitions that get better or worse one 's private interests. The founder of capitalism is connected to Adam Smith a successful author and ideologist his view of the economy relate back to the “laissez faire” which means “ to leave alone”. This may create a distinct difference between the “have” and “have not” classes in society, due to competition, actually benefits the people because business owners and people of economic strength are always competing for the “best price or “best item on the market”. Viewing these two ideologies in contrast to the source it is free market and…

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