Communism And The Corruption Of Man Essay

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In his novel, 1984, author George Orwell presents a dystopian society ruled by a totalitarian Party under the guise of a socialism. The Party’s values mock those of the socialist and communist movements, and through ironic duality, Orwell is able to criticize the road to totalitarianism and the nature of man. Although some may believe 1984 to be a complete dismissal of communism in general, Orwell actually critiques capitalistic greed as well, taking man’s thirst for power to horrifying extremes. The novel was written post-WWII, after the world witnessed the several seemingly communist regimes rise and fall, thus with fresh wounds, Orwell is able to write aptly about the failure of communism and the corruption of man. Each regime started off with some sort of idealistic society where social and economic equality existed, yet each ends with a powerful totalitarian group gaining the power and support of the citizens only to perpetuate the harsh socioeconomic conditions of governments before their respective revolutions. Even the best of the revolution towards socialism and communism ended with an abusive oligarchy taking absolute power of the government and creating an exaggerated capitalistic society
At first, the Party is seen only through the eyes of Winston Smith and the voice of the third person narrator. Winston, being an Outer Party member, does not have to deal with the inner workings of the Party. And he is also mainly uninterested in the reasoning behind the Party’s…

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