Communism And Its Effects On The World Essay

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Immediately after the allies rose victorious of the Nazis and the rest of the axis powers. A potentially more dangerous and devastating war broke out. This war, however was a battle about ideology and cultural habits and ways. This war would be against one of our crucial allies during WWII, the soviets. The tension broke out early after the russians had conquered their way back into the German heartland and had captured Berlin. But afterwards they would be hesitant to give all the land they had gained. Although, Stalin had promised to give it up and let them hold democratic elections and principles, he soon would renounce those words and make the territories satellite states. This is the formation of the iron curtain. But this or other events around the globe wouldn’t cause the widespread fear that the idea of communism in America would or the threat of a nuclear holocaust.

Although, the thought of communism spreading throughout the world was a intimidating thought and the fall of china showed that a huge nation like the US could fall into communism. It was the least frightening of all of them. But nonetheless, some of the events did cause fear and increase anxiety. Such as the Berlin Airlift, as many of us know that Germany was separated into east and west. In document D you can see that in the heart of east Germany the capital is also split up into east and west(Doc D). This led to the Berlin blockade where Stalin closed all roadways into east berlin, so they could not…

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