Communism And Its Effect On Shostakovich Essay

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Communism and its effect on Shostakovich The music of Dimitri Shostakovich has been steeped in political turmoil for its entire existence. Shostakovich was one of many notable composers to arise in the twentieth century and he and his music were both handled very carefully by the Communist Party in Russia at the time. While Shostakovich had a deep love of his homeland, often criticising composers who left after the revolution, he was also very critical of the social injustice present in their new society (Bryner 1). He had become such an important figure in Russia, due to his music’s popularity, that the soviet government attacked him and his music, being incredibly critical and even blacklisting Shostakovich for many years. Shostakovich was massively censored by the government, allowing him practically no say in what was and was not allowed within his music. However, even with this intense censorship, Shostakovich was able to make a huge political statement with his music. The following essay will discuss Shostakovich,his life, and how the soviet government impacted his music which has now become so iconic. Dimitri Shostakovich was born in 1906 in St. Petersburg, just after the upheaval of Tsarist Russia. He was born in a tumultuous political era to a wealthy family with sympathies to the revolution. His ancestors, in fact, had helped to lead earlier uprisings in Russia. This tumultuous political situation as well as his ancestral upbringing heavily influenced the music…

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