Communication Theory, And Identity Management Theory Essay example

1696 Words May 4th, 2016 null Page
There are a myriad of theories and constructs that exist within the communication discipline that can ensure interpersonal relationships will thrive. However, there are five theories in particular that have proven invaluable in today’s world. With the advancement of technology and the accessibility of said technology, it is more pertinent than ever that people be versed in how to communicate with people they have interpersonal relationships with not only in face-to-face contexts, but online as well. Social media has made it easier than ever to meet people and take the first steps towards creating a relationship. Five theories that have proven most useful when it comes to navigating interpersonal relationships, especially in today’s technology dependent society, are communication privacy management theory, social information processing theory, cultural variability theory, interaction adaptation theory, and identity management theory. These “communication tools” all connect in how they help one create and maintain their image in interpersonal relationships, specifically in relation to online activity. If all five theories are utilized, there will be a greater chance of longevity and success in cultivating healthy relationships. Knowing when to share information, especially in online relationships where interaction is limited, and how cultures vary in sharing that information all play a role in how we adapt our communication behavior and the type of face we want to put on…

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