Essay Communication Methods And Advantages Of Communication

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Communication Methods: Today’s communication has extended beyond national boundaries as global communication is global and reaches many citizens worldwide. Global communication occurs at a personal level and reaches individuals and businesses and has been characterized with an essential shift in how we organize and interact with each other. Small and large businesses are increasingly experiencing the global integration of daily experiences and communication. Consequently, organizations across the globe see the need for developing and establishing communication infrastructures that support and encourage global relationships with varying publics. However, there are different communication methods that have different advantages and disadvantages based on their suitability in different scenarios. This implies that communication methods vary in effectiveness based on the respective scenario.
Communication Methods and their Advantages and Disadvantages Effective communication within an organization can be accomplished in various formats and through different communication methods or channels (Stuart, Sarow & Stuart, 2007, p.191). One of the communication methods that can be used in an organization is telephone and voice mail, which helps businesses to stay connected. Telephone and voice mail has become an influential communication method in the workplace, especially with the increased use of mobile phones in today’s communication. One of the advantages of telephone and…

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