Essay on Communication, Language, And Nonverbal Communication

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Often, the biggest concerns with globalizing is communication, in specific: language and nonverbal communication. For our company our domestic language is English while the main language in Brazil is Portuguese. This sole difference in language creates a divide between our culture and theirs and can become a major problem if not helped. “More than, just conveying information, language also conveys cultural and social understandings.” (Deresky, 2015, p. 122). Nonverbal communication is “behavior that communicates without words… [such as]…body movements, punctuality, personal/office space, touching/non-touching and how something is said rather than the content.” (Deresky, 2014, p. 123-125).
Work Environment
The differences in language can cause disruptions in the work place; the working environment for Brazil 's "working class families usually reflects pressing economic necessities." (Dessen & Torres, 2002, p. 9). As a result, this can lead to locals expressing their concerns about their economic lives to our managers. A problems that our local managers in Brazil would face in the work environment, involves communicating to the employees that some of the US standards, policies and practices will apply to them as well; one example is, not allowing children workers. (Dessen & Torres, 2002, p. 9). If our managers are not familiar with the language or culture this can cause communication problems in the host-country. However our managers in Brazil will be…

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