Common Disorders Commonly Occur And Rare Ones Rarely Happen Essay

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1.) “Common disorders commonly occur and rare ones rarely happen” What are the implications of this statement for the ratio of generalist to specialist physicians and /or physician assistants in the United States?
According to The New York Times, the ratio of specialist physicians greatly surpasses the population of generalized physicians (Chen, M.D., 2012). Primary care providers are considered as the “gate-keepers” in managed care. They tend to focus on the person, holistically, and serve as advisors to patients. “Common disorders commonly occur and rare ones rarely happen” is implicating that most common disorders can be easily seen by general physicians which is why less generalist will be needed to treat that disorder. Whereas a rare disorder has to be seen by specialist or specialist group to make sure they can find any way possible to treat that patient with such disorder. Technological advancement has been essential in revolutionizing the advancement of the medical world. For medicine, what is researched and given precedence is based on the most prevalent diseases and complications of the day. Research and attention is often given to the diseases and medical conditions that tend to occur with a greater degree of frequency within the contemporary society. While focus may be placed on the most prevalent diseases based on the ideology on that common disorders tend to occur more frequently, then solutions to the rare disorders tends to be limited. The best examples of…

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