Commencement Speech : Speech By George Saunders Speech Essay

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Graduating from college is the time to begin a new chapter. Commencement speeches are supposed to inspire and make graduating college students want to make a change. George Saunders gave a commencement speech at Syracuse University graduation in 2013. George Saunders did some things in his speech the traditional way but added a new twist on what is really important in life and in everyone’s career. Not only were the students, changed, but also every person that heard or read the speech felt inspired. George Saunders’ commencement speech was rhetorically effective in proving that kindness can get you far in life by using repetition, parallelism, ethos, and rhetorical questions. When people repeat a certain phrase or a sentence it is more memorable in one’s brain. Repetition helps people remember what the real message is. Saunders uses repetition as an advantage, He knows he is talking to an audience that wants to be inspired; by repeating “YOU” and “million dollar questions”. The audience is reminded, “I can do this” , and how important it is to be kind, he repeats “YOU” a lot of times and also “the million dollar questions”, by repeating these phrases it makes the audience feel important. When he uses “YOU” it makes the audiences feel like George is talking to each audience member individually. He makes the audience feel important to him and to the world.
Sentences can hurt or break speakers. Speakers can structure their sentences to help the audience understand the…

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