Essay Command Economy V. Market Economy

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! In economics there are two main types of economies, the first being a market economy and the second being a command economy. Although there are many more types these are the most basic an important ones. In a market economy people and business give there own ways of doing things and answer the economic questions by themselves, the how, what, and for whom questions. In a command economy the central government is who makes up most of the answers to those types of questions. Which is the main reason why I believe a market economy is better than a command economy since you have more say and individual freedom. Although, there are many pros and cons for both types of these economies, the overall benefit and better one is the market economy. ! …show more content…
What I mean for example is the need of education, healthcare, and other public needs are taken care of by the government. But, the disadvantages you have is that what is being mass produced and manufacture nobody wants. It simple does not meet the people (consumers) wants and needs. Also, another problem is that the people lack the enthusiasm to want to go work. There is very little individuality and the new and different ideas of others are discouraged. The individuality of oneself seems to lack in a command economy. ! Personally, as an American I love my individual freedom and that is probably the main reason why I lean towards a market economy. I also like the competitiveness of one and another ant the different strategies that one has to implement. The creativeness that it inspires and the aspiration that it gives to one on how to become better. I just feel like that in a command economy all of creativeness is lost and that everything is handed to you but your government and you are told what to do. I feel like that you are almost no different from the man next to you since you are all just about doing the same thing. Itʼs almost like what America is doing with science, you stop imagining. Although, that is a whole other discussion itʼs similar to a command economy. ! To me I just think that if you are a person who values your freedom, your amnesty rights, the a market economy would only make sense. Especially if you love

America or any other Democratic like

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