Essay about Coming From Money Has Made Myself Anti Social

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Coming from money has made myself anti-social in some regard. I tend to avoid interactions with people and I’m extremely weary of meeting and befriending new people because throughout my life I have been hurt time and time again from people creating false relationships and friendships with me because they knew I had money. After constantly having to keep my guard up and evaluate every person I meet and decide if they like me or my money, I have concluded it is just easier to keep my current friends, who I know and love, and avoid making new ones. This made it extremely hard to transition to college where I didn’t have any of my friends from back home. My anti-social personality fostered from years of being used made it very hard for me to meet new friends at Syracuse University. Even to this day, as a junior in college, I only have a select small group of friends, and go out rarely.
In addition, participating in interrelated social institutions such as my private schooling has been a double edged sword. Going to private schools my whole life, especially my private Roman Catholic high school, has caused me to constantly be surrounded by like-minded people, insulating me from reality. This has created some troubles in my life. Constantly being surrounded by people like myself who are comfortable and have money has caused me to view the world through a rose colored lens. Before I enrolled in a Sociology class, I didn’t see or know about much of the suffering in the…

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