Character Analysis Of Mrs. Gargery In Great Expectations By Charles Dickens

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Have you ever enjoyed a romantic comedy, Neapolitan ice cream, or a strawberry and banana smoothie? Just as these items are wonderfully blended together to create a delightful combination, Charles dickens Great Expectations mattered blending the three elements of comedy, tragedy, and grotesqueness. In his novel, the protagonist, Pip, goes on a quest of growing up and becoming a gentleman in London. As we go about our lives with all these mixed emotions and events, pip also endures the same while he loves another whole heartedly, but she doesn 't feel the same in return, the delightful and humorous friends he meets in his journey, and the oddities of Miss Havisham.
"Heaven knows we never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding
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Although can be quirky, his simplicity reminds us that we don 't need to proper and wealthy. As long we are happy with ourselves, there is nothing wrong. Because Joe went through many hardships during his life, such as Mrs. Gargery being vicious to both him and pip, the passing of his wife, and his trip visiting Pip, he tries to make the best out awful situations. Speaking of Mrs. Gargery, her fretfulness was also comical. When Pip was gone for awhile one day and she couldn 't find him, she became very upset and started beating him with the tickler while Joe tried to say him. Another time was when she became frazzled when pip was first invited to Ms. Havisham 's. she began scrubbing him down so he was clean and kept dunking his under water so much that he couldn 't get a chance to breathe. Lastly, the most comical part of the whole story is with Pip and his friends. His first friend that he meets in London is Herbert Pocket. They first each other when the pale young gentleman, Herbert, wanted to fight Pip. Pip just kept knocking him down over and over again till Herbert finally admitted defeat. Then when they met each other in London and discovered they 'd be staying with each other, they laughed at the past and have been good friends ever since. Another one of Pip’s friends is Mr. Wemmick. Wemmick lives with his father whom he calls Aged P. Aged can not hear well, so when you nod really big in front of him, his face lights up with huge smile. What is also humorous between Wemmick and his father is their way of living. At work Wemmick is all business, but when he 's at home his entire focus is own making his dad happy. There maybe some sadness and stress in our lives, but that 's why there are funny people in the world to always lift our spirits up. As Dickens said, "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it to anyone

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