Combating Video Game Addiction : A Global Problem Essay

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Combating Video Game Addiction Games are everywhere, on computers, tablets, and phones. Seventy-two percent of teens play video games(Lenhart). One out of ten teens are addicted to video games, playing about forty hours a week, compared to an average player of eight hours a week(Growing). Signs that teens are gaming addicts are increasing numbers of hours playing, telling lies in order to hide gaming problem, feeling more irritable when confronted, etc(Rauh). These addictions can lead to eating disorder, family issue, financial problems,etc(). Game addiction is a global problem because it has lead to death. In order to combat such phenomenon, China has provided withdrawal camps to help addicts abstain from games, South Korea has implemented curfews, and cognitive behavioral therapy are offered to allow for negative output of unwanted feelings.
Six hundred millions of people in China use the internet and twenty-four million are children who are addicted(Aldama). China is the first country to label “internet addiction” as a clinical disorder(Stone). Taking drastic majors, parents in China are sending their children to military style camps to cure the addiction. Children in the camp are monitored through brain scans, given medication, and undergo physical education. Children also learn to clean, cook, and and other skills that may have been neglected during their addiction. After six months of treatment, children are allowed to be sent back home in hopes of being cured. Dr.…

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