Columbus Day Is More A Catastrophe Than It Is A Celebration Essay

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Mythologies: Columbus Day

Columbus Day is more a catastrophe than it is a celebration. The day that Christopher Columbus arrived in North America was a momentous day. Along with the great discovery of North America that is worthy of celebration, it also marks the beginning of the mass genocide of the Native Americans. The later of the two has been ignored.

As the tales go, “In fourteen hundred ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” We are taught from the day we step foot into schools that Christopher Columbus was a hero who sailed the seas and stumbled on the Bahamas by accident. This day changed the course of history. It opened a new trading route and more than anything, it changed the way we saw the world. Prior to the discovery of America, all the people who lived in Europe believed the Earth was flat; that there was nothing beyond the horizon of the sea. They believed that it was just a cliff and once you got to the edge, you would fall off. The discovery of American challenge that idea and, therefore, sparked a change in views and science and that is all thanks to Columbus. It also gave way to more exploration of the world. We are told that Columbus is a hero that discovered North America, he founded America in a way and has several cities that honor him in name. Through the tales that we are told in our childhood and various activities such as parades, movies, and books; we further engrain the myth that Columbus is a hero.

This is how the myth becomes…

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