Essay about Colonists Were Oppressed (Dbq)

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The unjust rules and regulations imposed on the American colonists through the 1760s and 70s inevitably caused the Revolution to occur, and Britain to lose one of their most profitable settlements. The question is not if the colonists had a lack of liberties, but the fact that the government, over 3000 miles away, were controlling some of the most important freedoms they came to cherish. When the colonies emerged at first, the colonists obeyed the control of Great Britain as they had the mentality that they would need the support of a strong empire to make their settlements develop (Doc I). Yet as the colonies realized that they could support themselves and still prosper, there was a detachment towards the motherland. In other words, …show more content…
This is because other countries could get the same supplies and goods being offered by the Americans far cheaper, as there is no tax on them by Britain (Doc K). These taxes is the main reason for why the Crown-loyalist South sided with the rebel New Englanders. The commodities that were not able to be harvested due to the unlawful restrictions placed on them, resonated a deep hatred for the autocratic nature of Parliament and His Majesty (Doc K). Although it seems like the trend of exports decrease after the Revolution, the true nature of the slight downfall of exports is that because Great Britain was our main importer, there would be that dip in exporting revenues (Doc B). But as new ports open up around the world for American goods, we see the steady increase in exports nearing the level of exportation before the Revolution (Doc B). In addition, revolution could not have occurred unless there was serious injustices brought upon the people. The basic liberties of all were with held from the colonists, including the ability to pass urgent laws which could not wait a month or more for the consent of the King (Doc A). The jurisdiction of an imperial nation should not interfere with legislative and judiciary establishments as that is what is truly governing the

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