Colonialism And Patriarchy By Anna Lombard Essay

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Colonialism and patriarchy lead to a number of parallel relationships made between individuals occupying similar roles. Through the colonial missions goal of “remaking the Other in the image of the Self, inevitably needed and produced culturally hybrid subjects among the colonizers as well as the colonized” (Krishnaswamy 39). There seems to be a merging of sexual, gendered, and national identities in Anna Lombard. Gerald remarks that natures craves “to return to the type which is neither extreme in all cases has mixed that inviolable instinct with men and women’s desire” (Cross 27). Although he is referring to men and women desiring a significant other with opposite coloring, this also corresponds to desire for whatever is opposite. There is a connection between the foreigner and the women as figures subordinated under a white male patriarchal system (363 Sedgwick). The position of the white woman is further complicated due to her belonging to the “superior race but inferior sex” which “mirrors the Indian man as superior sex but inferior race” (Krishnaswamy 55). Anna Lombard plays with theories of male/male power by placing the power with the colonial male rather than the colonized and the two in the weaker position, Anna and Gaida, disempower the colonizing body. However while Anna and Gerald are connected due to their White English background, Anna and Gaida are connected through there subordinate positions. Their relationship threatening Gerald’s claim over Anna as the…

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