Essay on Collegiative Properties and Osmosis

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Department of Chemistry

[Colligative Properties & Osmotic Pressure]

Purpose :

The experiment this week had two different purposes. The first is to teach us about freezing points. This lab was designed to show us the freezing point of a pure solvent, in comparison to a solvent in a solution with a non-volatile solute. The second goal of the experiment is to teach students about osmosis. In the experiment, we got to observe osmosis as well as understand dialysis.

Procecure :

Part 1. Colligative Properties

1. Create a water bath by filling ½ of the 100 mL beaker with cool water, adding crushed ice to the beaker so the water level is just below the top, and sprinkling salt into the beaker
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Freezing point of pure water- 2C Freezing point of Salt solution- 1C
C. How do these two freezing points compare? Although the results are similar, the freezing point of the pure water was slightly higher than that of the salt solution, differing by 1 C.
D. What are some practical applications of freezing point depression, boiling point elevation, and vapor pressure lowering? Antifreeze can help with both boiling and freezing points in cars. It stops the car from freezing as well as helps the car when it is overheated in summer. Freezing drying, for example foods to keep them preserved, would be

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