College Vs. High School Essay

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College vs. High school
Learning, is present every day in humans’ lives. “The governor spend a lot for scholarships, faculty resources and research for development of education in their countries.” (Learn, n.p.). This is what many states and countries around the world nowadays, are doing to improve the education and help every person that has the desire to study. High schools and Community Colleges are a great help to achieve that goal, of helping everyone to become a student and also to have a more successful society. Even though high school and college help student to get an educational preparation, each differ in many different aspects; college make students understand and appreciate more the importance of studying, requiring responsibility, effort, and money. Many students usually do not think of their responsibilities while they are in high school; during freshman, sophomore and junior years, the most important thing for them is just to be popular. Students just want to enjoy those years of their lives and most of the time teachers are the responsible to help them, “Before college, judging a student’s work is largely the teacher’s responsibility. The trouble with this process is that many students do not learn to evaluate their own work and to develop high standards of quality.” (University of Alabama, n.p.). But it isn’t until senior year that they start realizing the importance of responsibility. Furthermore, something that is linked with responsibility is the…

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