Essay on College Is A Source Of Fact Or Fiction?

1452 Words Apr 25th, 2016 6 Pages
Advertisement: A Source of Fact or Fiction Modern colleges no longer sell an education to the prospective students, rather, they sell an experience. They sell the latest technology, the best facilities, and the most school spirit. With the steep increases in the price to attend a four-year university, prospective students want to get their moneys worth. Schools capitalize on their prospective student’s preconceived notion that college is going to be a constant source of entertainment. Unfortunately, by doing this, Universities are distorting student’s expectations concerning what college truly is. This distortion impacts several aspects of college life. Mark Edmundson, a professor at the University of Virginia, writes about the impacts that new waves of advertisement have on college and the impacts the expectations of constant entertainment have on college in the paper, On the Uses of a Liberal Education, Edmundson analyzes the impacts have on the classroom, professors, and students; and, he makes for a strong argument. In the paper, Edmundson says that universities have become student driven, primarily selling them social experiences rather than academic ones. I agree with several points he makes; however, I think he places too much hypothetical power in the hands of the students. Advertisement is a powerful thing. In the essay On the Uses of a Liberal Education, Edmundson argues that Universities upgrade facilities and strive to have the best equipment in order to…

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