Cold Blood Was A Non Fiction True Event Of Murder Of The Clutter Family

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In a two to four sentences, the book In Cold Blood was a non-fiction true event of the murder of the Clutter family. It took place in Holcomb, Kansas in 1955 by ex-convicts Perry Edward Smith and Richard Eugene Hickock. The crime took place in the home of the Clutter in expectation to find a safe filled with cash but end up only with forty dollars in cash, a radio, and binoculars. Perry and Richard, (also known as Dick) were displeased and kill the entire family and flee the city. While on the run, they faced challenges and the realities of their trouble crime. Capote seemed to focus on the murderers of the Clutter by providing in depth background knowledge, describing their family, and showing inside the killer dreams. In addition, he focuses on their lifestyle while on the run.
Capote mentions a lot of character within the book. But the main characters were Perry Smith, one of the two murders of the Clutter. He was a short aggressive man with a broken leg from a fatal motorcycle. He was abused, toss around, and less educated as a kid. “I finished the third grade,” Perry recalled, which was the finish.” (pg 175) this quote emphasis lack of education because of his surroundings.His environment where he grew up in seems to take a big toll on his criminal records. Perry seemed to blame everything on his past because of “no rule or discipline, or anyone to show me right from wrong” (pg 54)
Richard Hickock grew up with a good family but had a bad habit of writing bad checks.…

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