Urethral Injury Case Study

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Colapinto and McCallum developed a radiological classification of injuries of the posterior urethra based on RUG (Table 1) (Colapinto and McCallum, 1977):

Type 1 Membranous urethra is stretched but not severed.
Type 2 Membranous urethra is ruptured above the urogenital diaphragm, with extraperitoneal pelvic leakage above the urogenital diaphragm.
Type 3 Membranous urethra is ruptured.
The injury extends into the bulbous urethra.
Leakage above and below the urogenital diaphragm.

Table 3: Radiological classification of posterior urethral injury
(Colapinto and McCallum, 1977). Types of urethral injury by RUG are illustrated in Fig. 9:

(a) Type I urethral injury
(b) Type II urethral injury (c) Type III urethral injury
Fig. 9: Types of urethral injuries using
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II Stretch injury Elongation of urethra Without extravasation on RUG.
III Partial disruption Extravasation at the site of injury With visualized bladder.
IV Complete disruption Extravasation at the site of injury Without visualized bladder (Less than 2 cm urethral gap).
V Complete disruption Complete transaction with >2 cm urethral gap;
Or extension into the prostate or vagina.
Table 7: AAST Classification of urethral injury (Moore et al, 1992)

A more recent classification for urethral injury was developed by the European Association
I Stretch injury Elongation of urethra; Without extravasation on

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