Coherent Identity And Single Voice Essay

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Coherent identity and single voice
Through the human history, human beings have been establishing their own cultures in various ways. Since the ancient times, human developed the way how they can survive themselves and it made people to be together. By the time goes, people established community and it formed as the ‘country’. When the country formed in formal way, people started sharing their opinions, rules, instructions, and even their life styles. Among this processes, it has been settled as a certain way and people called it ‘culture’. As the people live in the influences of the culture, human being starts thinking about the relationship between their identities and cultures. In fact, there are many studies shown that the human beings’ identities influenced by cultures and social norms. Zadie smith, the author of “Speaking in Tongues”, talks about the various aspects of having voices related to the cultures. She explains that the one’s voice represents human’s identity and it has crucial impacts for one’s life. Susan Blackmore, the author of “Strange creatures”, introduces the concept of ‘memes’ which can be one theory to explain how people can define themselves. She mentions that the ‘meme’s are concept of imitation which is helpful for the understanding of the relationship between identities and coherence. As a human being, to having a coherent single voice has benefits, despites of its flexibility; because the consistent single voice allows people to have great idea…

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