Cognitive Psychology : The Cold Morning Sleeps Like A Child Essay

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Cognitive Psychology Assignment
The cold morning sleeps like a child as I sit to write a paper on cognition. So what is cognition, as the name indicates studies t cognition. But it’s not as simple as it seems, it like a river which looks as clear as a crystals but has life within. So it’s not wrong to say cognitive processes such as thinking, reasoning give us life every day.
Cognition as we know is not a unitary process and it’s not a linear progression. It’s multidirectional and multidimensional. It’s just like an electrical wire where we cannot see the interactions that take place within the wire but we can see the effect when the light is switched on hence we can understand cognition through our behaviour. Therefore cognitive psychology is interaction between our mind and behavior.
As we all know history of psychology was born with the birth of philosophy. Philosophy has contributed to the image of psychology. From the very beginning the concept of thinking, reasoning and other mental process have been studied with passion by philosophers.
One such philosopher was the Aristotle who initiated many intellectual endeavours in the concepts of reasons and thinking. He proposed the Laws of Association in which he said that presentation of a stimulus would trigger the appearance of another stimulus because these two stimuli were paired or associated with each other. For example when we see a cup of Tea we look for biscuits because these…

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