Cognitive Psychology Definition Paper

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Cognitive Psychology Definition Paper

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Out of the many branches of psychology, cognitive psychology is the “branch of psychology that studies mental processes” (Cherry, 2010). Many individuals have contributed too many milestones related to the development and growth of cognitive psychology. Behavioral observation is very important in cognitive psychology die to the abstract nature of cognition.

The mental processes that cognitive psychology studies include how people think, perceive, remember, and learn. The main core focus of cognitive psychology is how people gather, process, and store information (Cherry, 2010).
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Gibson. In this book, Neisser came to the conclusion that he believed that cognitive psychology had little to no chance on becoming popular until Gibson’s’ work on perception had been re-worked (Massaro, 1990).

One milestone linked to cognitive psychology would be Individual Psychology, which was developed by Dr. Alfred Adler. In 1902 Freud invited Adler to help create psychological treatments for neuroses and at one point Alderian psychology had already made tremendous progress. Then in 19122, Adler started to doubt Freud about Freud’s theories behind sexual impulses and how they are the chief factor in forming both normal and neurotic personalities. Adler left Freud to develop his own ideas, these then became the basis for all the cognitive psychologies and therapies that would come later (Cherry, 2010).

George Mandler and his work with the organization of memories is another developmental milestone in cognitive psychology. Mandler was a contributor in the cognitive revolution in the mid-twentieth century. His work was vast improvements in the fields of “cognition and emotion and the importance of autonomic feedback” (Kessen. Ortony, & Craik, 1991). Mandler’s work with the use of organization theory for an understanding of memory and recall and recognition made great strides in cognitive psychology.

Behavioral observation is very important in the field of cognitive psychology. The

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