Code Of The Child Protective Service Workers Within The Agency Use Is Virginia Code 63.2-100

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Within the Department of social services there are many policies, codes, and laws that must be followed when working with clients. These policies ensure that there is reason for all things that social workers do and that the clients are safe. One important code that the child protective service workers within the agency use is Virginia Code 63.2-100 which gives that the definitions of abuse and neglect as well as the different types. This code is used often throughout the agency when there founded abuse of a child. This code begins by stating that said abuse must be done by the child’s parent or the person responsible for the child’s care. So this means that if there is a child’s uncle physically or sexually abusing her but he is not the child’s care taker it is not a social workers responsibility to remove the child unless the parent is allowing him to abuse the child. Also, the code goes on to talk about neglect and states that if a parent refuses to provide care necessary to a child’s health or abandons their children. Another issue that this code covers is if a parent is mentally or physically disabled and cannot care for their child in the way that a child should be cared for. When investigating cases it is important that workers refer to this code to make sure that their allegations of the parents are truly abuse or neglect. When there is a case of abuse or neglect the worker must explain in full detail to the judge and in the case file why it is so and present the…

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