Code Of Ethics And Ethics Essay

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Code of Ethics
Code of ethics in business was first introduced back in the 1960’s as there were concerns in moral behavior of those entering their organization (DeSensi, 2010). A code of ethics are the suggested course of behavior or conduct that businesses, institutions in government and education, sporting teams, athletic organizations, religious groups, physicians, those that practice law and many other professional organizations, follow to ensure the integrity of the organization (DeSensi, 2010). Courses in ethics has now become part of the established curriculum for many professions today as the leaders within them have deemed the importance of properly training leaders and employees in ethical behavior (DeSensi, 2010). Furthermore, organizations who take proper ethical behavior seriously, consistently train, promote, and visualize their institutions code of ethics with the expectation to practice those guidelines (DeSensi, 2010). As the study of ethics progressed the past forty years, businesses and organizations realized public perception of how they conducted their business was an important factor in their code of ethics. Consumers who buy products or services from companies want to know they are treating their employees with ethical behavior in order to support those businesses (DeSensi, 2010). This type of consumerism has moved in the sporting organizations where there is the same expectation that athletes are treated fairly along with those in leadership…

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