Cochlear Implant Advantages

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If I had a deaf child I would get him or her a cochlear implant. I probably wouldn’t think twice about it. Because I would want my child to experience and hear all of the things I 've been able to hear. And I know that it’s a major surgery for a newborn child but I would be doing what I think I best for my child. And at the end of the day the child is mine, and a lot of people may agree with it and a lot may not but I would do what I think is best for my child. I want my kid to be able to hear the waves in the ocean, and all the fun little songs you learn when you 're little, and be able to go through life without feeling disabled or below anyone else.
A cochlear implant is something you can get implanted in your body, no earlier then 12 months after birth, this implant simulates the auditory nerves. Its different from a hearing aid, because it does not amplify sound .The noise will sound different , but you will still be able to hear more with an implant rather then without. While most people get
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And I couldn’t imagine how horrible I would feel if I mad my son or daughter wait until they were 18 to get the implant and it didn’t work or it was to late. It would break my heart knowing that I made a decision not to get it for them and now their chance to hear is gone . And I feel like it would make them feel horrible too , like something was wrong with them , and I would hate making my child feel like that for a decision I made when he or she was a baby. And even though, I would get my child an implant as soon as I could they can also work at an older age. As a study showed. When they tested if cochlear implants were a good treatment for the older profoundly deaf. (Lachowska, Magdalena, et al. "Is cochlear implantation a good treatment method for profoundly deafened elderly?" Clinical Interventions in Aging 8 (2013): 1339+. Academic OneFile. Web. 20 Mar. 2015.

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