Cocaine Essay

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Overview of Cocaine

Jasmine Wright
Research Paper
Professor Suh It is a Friday night and your roommates at your dorm invite you to a dorm party. Instead of finishing your homework you decide to join them and put the homework off for tomorrow. You tell yourself that you wont be out so late and that you had a long week so why not. As you arrive to the party, there are girls kissing up on boys as they take shots. You tell yourself that you would not participate because your parents did not grow you up in that kind of manner. As the night passes, your roommates pressure you into taken a shot of tequila. Eventually, one shot turns into two and then three. Until, the shots are not enough. Your roommate turns to and says, “Try this”. She
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...It was first discovered in America that cocaine is capable of alleviating the serious withdrawal symptoms observed in subjects who are abstaining from morphine and suppressing their craving for morphine…On the basis of my experiences with the effects of cocaine, I have no hesitation in recommending the administration of cocaine for such withdrawal cures…I have seen cocaine quickly eliminate the manifestations of intolerance that appeared after a large dose of morphine.

In 1886, the prominent drink called “Coca-Cola”, skyrocketed when people found out there were cocoa leaves in it. However, the FDA seized a supply of Coca-Cola and found out that the syrup had no coca and it was contained of only caffeine. By the 1890’s, the rates of increased cocaine addict rose and eventually there was a stop to cocaine being put in drinks. Cocaine became well known to people of all social classes. It was starting to become a dilemma and affecting multiple Americans. Famous people began influencing this drug with advertisements on TV and magazines. Cocaine was then experimented with baking soda and heated to form crack cocaine. It took years, for people to realize the effect of cocaine and how dangerous it became. Although, there was push for change of making cocaine an illegal narcotic. It was already too late and the trade of cocaine began to boom.
Cocaine has been a major issue to society for decades. The rates of

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