Cocaine And Its Effects On America Essay

1352 Words Mar 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
Has cocaine ever made you wonder if it is tearing our world apart as we know it? Well it is and it is ruining family relations and interpersonal relations. If a person is addicted to cocaine and uses it all the time they will choose cocaine over other people or events. While cocaine is good to help with pain and depression, cocaine is very dangerous because it causes death, it destroys health, and is highly addictive. There is a lot of history behind cocaine. Cocaine was first isolated in 1859 by German chemist Albert Niemann (¨Cocaine: a short history¨). Cocaine started to be popularized in the medical community in the 1880’s (¨Cocaine: a short history¨). Doctors used cocaine to help patients who had depression. They would also use it to help patients sleep when they couldn 't. Over the years, cocaine has decreased in medical usage. Cocaine is one of the oldest, most potent, and most dangerous stimulants of natural origin (¨Cocaine: a short history¨). Cocaine is considered a stimulant because it speeds up the central nervous system. In 1922, Cocaine was officially banned (¨Cocaine: a short history¨). Cocaine was banned because the United States government reported 5,000 cocaine-related deaths. In the 1970´s drug traffickers began setting up an elaborate network to smuggle in cocaine into the United States. By the 1990´s the columbian drug cartels produced and exported 500 to 800 tons of cocaine a year, shipping not only to the United States but to Europe and Asia also.…

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