Coaxial Cable and Data Transmission Speed Essay

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Course: IT331 Unit: 3
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Course: IT331 Unit: 3

1) You have been asked to design a LAN with operation over a distance of about 100m. Compare and contrast twisted pair cable, coaxial cable, fiber-optics, and wireless for this application. You should create a table or flow chart which would facilitate choosing between these options depending on circumstances. The table or flow chart should be submitted as part of your document. You may not submit a separate file Unshielded twisted pair
Fiber optic

Coaxial cable

Medium Length Baseband: 10/100/1000mbps (CAT 3/5/5e/6) EMI

Wavelength (nm): 850/1300


Protection: Shielded/Unshielded
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a) An analogy of this type of connection would be the transmission of a large text document. Before the document is transferred across the synchronous line, it is first broken into blocks of sentences or paragraphs. The blocks are then sent over the communication link to the remote site. With other transmission modes, the text is organized into long strings of letters (or characters) that make up the words within the sentences and paragraphs. These characters are sent over the communication link one at a time and reassembled at the remote location.
6) For the network that you have chosen to characterize for this class, identify the primary types of media employed. Be sure to include both how the computers individually connect into the network devices as well as how network devices interconnect and how the connection to the Internet is achieved. Briefly explain the purpose in the network of each type of media employed and identify at least one alternative media which could also fulfill this purpose.
a) The network that I have chosen for this class is a Peer to peer network. I will have four computers, one printer/copy/fax machine, and they will be connected with an Ethernet cord and through a local area network. This network is designed for a small business office.

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