Cloud Computing Essay

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White Paper Cloud Computing.
Alternative sourcing strategy for business ICT.



1. Abstract.

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2. Introduction to Cloud Computing.
2.1 A historical background. 2.2 Definitions.

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3. Flexible ICT services - more than just a dream.
3.1 Business needs as a driver of Cloud Computing. 3.2 Status Quo. 3.3 A summary - added value with Cloud Computing.

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4. Areas and examples of application.
4.1 Cloud Computing in business startups. 4.2 Cloud Computing in companies with existing infrastructure. 4.3 Cloud Computing with business-critical applications.

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5. Dynamic Services – a top-quality Cloud Computing service. 6. Summary. 7. Glossary. 8. List of figures. 9. List of
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Suppliers of cloud services, in turn, benefit as their IT resources are used more fully and eventually achieve additional economies of scale. There are substantial arguments for the adoption of Cloud Computing: the lasting improvement of cost structures, faster reaction to changes in the market and potential for increases in productivity. Cloud Computing offers flexibility whilst simultaneously reducing costs – with the positive side effect of sustainability.


“The data center of the future could be based in the cloud.” (Jason Staten, Forrester) [Herrmann 2008]
However, much of Cloud Computing is still a vision. This becomes especially evident if large companies wish to make use of the possibilities. Then, at the latest, questions arise about security and quality of service or, subsequently, whether the proffered services can also effectively meet the company demands of supporting the business processes. Legal aspects such as the storage of data swiftly become more weighted. Professional providers of Cloud Computing for enterprise customers must not only meet these challenges, but also develop concepts in order to do so in a transparent, cost-effective manner.


2. Introduction to Cloud Computing.

2.1. A historical background. It is conceivable that August 24, 2006 will go down as the birthday of Cloud Computing, as it was on this day that Amazon made the test version of its Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2)

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