Cloud Computing In Healthcare Essay

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A Survey on Applications of Cloud Computing in Healthcare

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In rural areas, due to unavailability of specialized doctors and resources it is not possible for doctors to identify all diseases related to the patient which may cause patient’s death. Through cloud computing this problem can be addressed. Instead of waiting for the patients reports in order to identify the disease, the same report can be sent to the cloud which can be accessed by the doctors of different fields and result can be obtained in just few minutes or hours. The purpose of this study is to conduct the detailed review and analysis that will be helpful in resolving this problem.

This research is based on following four steps: Extensive literature review study of Existing Systems, Analysis of the existing systems we study during the research and solution and techniques based on our analysis.

II. Literature Review

A. Healthcare Industry Healthcare industry encompasses all the stakeholders including medical care centers, physicians, allied staff, policy makers, academia, research groups, pharmaceuticals companies, bio-informatics community and masses. Healthcare industry strives for World Health Organization (WHO) slogan “Health for All”
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Optimal Techniques and Solution Proposed Based on Analysis

Based on the above analysis, considering the benefits and limitations of all four cloud computing applications in healthcare industry we have proposed the following list of solutions;

• Keep the electronic health records (EHR) on a segregated network, if possible. Shelter the EHR from the rest of the network infrastructure. Otherwise it's very easy for a provider's practice management system or mobile or medical device to pass on a virus or other infiltration to the EHR system.

• Check for vulnerabilities. Run risk assessments and conduct audits. Correct weaknesses discovered time-to-time.

• Consider buying and running a data loss prevention software program, which runs on the perimeter server.

• Apply security patches to internet applications that are connected to the EHR systems, such as internet explorer, java and adobe acrobat.

• Make sure that the firewalls are installed properly, and that the antivirus programs are operational. Hackers are looking for easy access into computer networks. Don't make the EHR system that easy a

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