Essay on Cloning : Is It Right?

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Cloning: Is it Right?
In 1997 Scottish scientists successfully cloned a mammal for the first time, a sheep named Dolly. The technology that gave scientists the ability to clone a mammal created a debate because that same technology could possibly be used to clone a human. The question of whether or not humans should be cloned was now discussed for the first time. The government tried to pass several laws that prohibited the cloning of humans but few passed. These scientists had certainly made history and were proud of their work. The process of cloning is not an easy task: the scientists spend late nights of hard work researching and sorting through many failed attempts. Although one could argue the possible benefits of cloning, the cloning of humans should not be allowed because it is morally wrong due to the risk of genetic problems.
In 1997, when the first cloned mammal, Dolly, was made by a group of scientists at the Roslin institute in Scotland, it shocked the world. A denucleated ovum was inserted with DNA from an udder cell of a sheep that was six years old at the time in order to create the clone. Two Hundred Seventy-Seven cloning attempts were made before Dolly, the first successful clone. United States President Bill Clinton was afraid that they would attempt to clone humans too, so he quickly banned the use of federal funds for human cloning. The National Bioethics Advisory Committee then encouraged that human cloning be though of as morally unacceptable. The risk…

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