Clinical Summary On Simulation Center Essay

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Clinical Summary in Simulation Center
Simulation is an effective teaching strategy that engages students’ critical thinking skills with use of low to high-fidelity mannequin (Billings & Halstead, 2012). Learning how to connect theory and practice in a simulated environment encourages students in competency of psychomotor skills, communication with a collaborative team, and confidence level. As I participated in the clinical simulation environment there were different themes including teaching effectiveness of clinical faculty, student preparedness, and availability of resources. The clinical faculty members were present for support and allowed students to perform the skills and provided feedback. There were some students who were prepared and competent in skills while others needed coaching and help from their peers. The students had sufficient supplies to practice skills and the clinical simulation coordinator was present for assistance.
Formative evaluation occurred throughout the different skills stations and textbook was available to review the steps and explanations. One concept I incorporated as I evaluated the students in this setting was critical thinking and the competency of the skill performed. Also, I consider the message I gave the students with the goal to provide positive feedback. The following qualities are essential as I developed into the clinical instructor role including approachable, understanding, enthusiastic about teaching, confidence with…

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