Mock Care Conference Reflection

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The mock care conference assignment and presentation was an informative and educational process for our group. After our presentation the group engaged in reflection together to discuss our learning, the challenges we experienced, how our presentation relates to our class learning and to celebrate our accomplishments. Our reflection will outline our learning and challenges, the feedback from our classmates and how our presentation relates to course learning.
Learning & Challenges Within our group process, a lot of learning occurred as we were not only learning how to coordinate and conduct a care conference, we were also learning how to work as a group and work with technology. The experience of the care conference provided us the
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Our knowledge from the class about the stages of case management allowed us to determine that we were in the assessment phase and therefore needed to focus on getting to know our client better and developing an understanding of the client’s needs. In order to complete our assessment, we used tools such as the ecomap and strengths inventory. These tools were completed in collaboration with the client and allowed for the focus to be on the individual and their relationships, allowing us to focus outside of the presenting concern. These tools proved to be very helpful for us as we were better able to understand our client and in collaboration with the client, were able to identify and develop goals. In class, we were taught skills such as to clarify expectations with the client, setting the direction and to practice from a client-centred approach. Within our course we have also focused on engaging family, if appropriate and when necessary. In our care conference we thought it was important for family to be included and for their concerns to be heard as well. We have learned to not only build supportive and collaborative relationships with the client but also with people who are important to them (i.e. family, partner, etc.). Within our presentation a classmate emphasized the pressure and challenges family members might be experiencing and their need for support. It is easy to only focus on the client but their environment and those people within their environment is critical in helping them be successful in achieving their goals. The classmate also emphasized the importance of talking to the caregiver to understand their needs and not just assuming what their needs are. The skills, tools and knowledge we gained in the classroom informed the basis of our care conference as they spoke to how each

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