Climate Change Is The Changing Change Essay

1582 Words Dec 8th, 2016 7 Pages
Alejandro Vieyra
Mr. Moody
English 4
5 December 2016
Climate Change Must Stop
Climate change is the changing of weather patterns in regions all around the world. The primary cause of climate change is the appreciable amount of fossil fuel emissions that humans are sending into the atmosphere. These emissions consist of carbon dioxide that ultimately retain more heat in our atmosphere than needed, thus elevating the temperature everywhere around the globe and damaging ecosystems greatly. Many people, including politicians and scientists, believe that climate change is simply a hoax. Although some prefer to believe that climate change is fake and we have nothing to worry about, there are concrete facts that prove these individuals wrong. These concrete facts include reliable science, actions taken by multiple nations to prevent climate change, and influential people announcing the negative effects that climate change has. No good comes from climate change. In order for our world to be saved, every single human being must acknowledge that climate change is not a lie. Our planet is being critically wounded, and the first step that we must take in order to heal it is to have everyone realize that climate change is real.
Those who view climate change as a hoax have statements to support their claims, but these statements are taken out of their context and consequently mislead the people who read them. One example of these statements is that there was a record high in snow…

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