Climate Change Is Happening, And The Earth Is Dying Because People Are Killing It

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The world is in denial, climate change is happening, and the earth is dying because people are killing it. A clear example of this denial is seen in the decline of news coverage regarding environmental change, “in 2007, the three major U.S. networks—CBS, NBC, and ABC ran 147 stories on climate change; in 2011 the networks ran just fourteen stories on the subject” (Klein, 34). People do not want to hear about climate change and decreasing natural resources. Continued denial will be the downfall of human existence if the world population continues on the present path of destruction; positive change to the global footprint must incorporate control of the population, its consumption, and future technological choices.
In This Changes Everything Capitalism vs Climate, Naomi Klein presents for the general public a well-supported idea to not only improve climate change, but also create policies to improve lives by creating jobs and reducing the gap between the ultra-rich and the poor. Her ideas are largely presented from an ecological Marxist position. She brings to light in the first few chapters the neoliberal capitalistic society that dominates worldwide and how this societal view conflicts with the environmental movement to improve climate change. In part one of her book she provides simple, easy to understand descriptions of the main causes of climate change, which include: corporate greed, globalization and free market, as well as the involvement of the nation state in…

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