Climate Change Is A Reoccurring Event Essay

711 Words Oct 31st, 2016 3 Pages
My first issue to be addressed is climate change. You can argue this from two sides, one side believing humans are causing/the main reason for this happening, and are the ones in charge of solving the issue at hand. The opposing argument being that “climate change” is a reoccurring event and has happen in the past and will continue to happen in the future. It’s the cause of heated argument and strong personal discussion. I’m choosing to address that climate change is real and is right in front of us, I strongly believe humans are the cause of it. We have potentially waited too long to address the issue and we should be up in arms about the subject and how the generation I currently am apart of were thrown into a whirlwind of environmental issues due to the generations before us not researching the potential outcomes of their selfishness. I am personally interested in this topic due to the fact that humans may not have much time left on this planet if we continue to live the way we do and choose to ignore the warning signs that are directly in front of us. My second topic is that of renewable energy, specifically solar energy. As much as solar seems to be and is a great way of harnessing an inexhaustible resource, there are two sides to each view. One side being that solar is a clean energy with out potential destruction to the natural environment and habitats. And the other that, even though it is clean and realistically free, it leaves an imprint. We are and will be…

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