Climate Change And Its Effects On The Environment Essay examples

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Anthropogenic climate change is the representation of the global ecological crisis that we are experiencing. Anthropogenic climate change is the influence of harmful emissions produced in the atmosphere under human activities. Climate change is a collective action issue that is dependent on economic activities. A solution to such a difficult matter can interfere with society 's economic system and restriction and regulation policies. The economic system would be impacted because it is so vastly reliant to capitalism. And it is capitalism that represents the root of our ecological problem.
The crisis on climate change is soon to reach the endpoint of global disaster. We must take drastic measures to ensure that we are reducing the possibility of a global catastrophe. Our moral obligation is to preserve the ecosystem and pursue on resolving our ecological crisis. We are responsible for the moral community. And in that community lies all living things within the ecosystem. We must protect our ecosystem for we cannot survive without it. The ecosystem has equal amount of value as all of us and we are obligated to have equal consideration on the interest of our moral community.
With the influence of Carbon dioxide emissions, the environment is being negatively impacted, furthermore, the results of climate change are polluting our water supplies, fresh air, and our resources in agriculture. Agriculture is highly dependent on water supplies and the influence of climate change is…

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