Climate Change And Deforestation For Sustainability Efforts Essay

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The concept of the museum is science based, with a focus on environmental issue. As time goes on and population increase, changes in the environment – good or bad – are going to have a major impact in our daily lives. The museum will bring up discussion on climate change and deforestation to sustainability efforts. We strive to help people be more conscious of the world and how their actions affect the world. We plan to use our position as a museum, which is a community based institution in order to create a sustainable environment.
Earth is home to a diverse array of wildlife from deserts to the marine environments and everything in between. Wildlife now face a bleak future due to climate change. Climate change is altering key habitats that are important for the survival of many species. Change in the climate affects the food availability and can cause severe droughts or erosion that can ultimately affect humans. The climate is changing at such a rapid pace that species may not be able to adapt or move to more suitable areas. If we do not take action now, climate change will likely “become the single most important factor to affect wildlife since the emergence of mankind”
Some of the artifacts that will be used in the museum will be local’s artwork and how they see climate change is effecting the wildlife. There will also be sculptures of how the change in climate has made species adapt to their environment, such as salmon and owls. The way that we will bring technology…

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