Starry Night Poem Analysis

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To whoever decides to read this, These poems I’ve written weren’t written with any particular aim other than to write. To many, this may seem absurd or even erroneous, but that’s the truth behind each poem I’m submitting, they’re spontaneous without any exact aim other than to dispose of an emotion or answer a question resulting from my musings. These are by no means a written “Starry Night” or a mosaic from ancient Greece but each is more of a basic sketch for the reader to find their own answers to questions they find themselves having or to set an example for a reader’s thoughts and actions.
The Bernadette Mayer Experiment poems I made, “Cliché” and “How’d you get that scar?” are just the result of asking a question and peeling it into pieces until I can answer it. “Cliché” was
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It resulted in the reasoning behind the use and whether or not the word was repurposed from the initial definition resulting in misuse of a word or if the word itself was too abstract a concept to comprehend and as it was used the contemplative nature that abstract words hold was lost as it became normal for any socioeconomic class to say in numerous languages. In the end, it was just thoughts that I reordered for the emphasis on each word to be the same as when I thought it and for the pauses to hold the correct length for the previous information to be properly absorbed.
The workshopped poem, “Heartbeat” was conceived by letting my mind wander and seeing how I would have to work the lines to maintain a rhyme to drive the poem without any set structure. In the end, I honestly liked it because just like a heartbeat and our understanding of the concept of ‘heart’ is awkward and confusing, the rhyme scheme mirrored the awkwardness

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