Essay on Claude Monet, The Regatta At Argenteuil

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Claude Monet, The Regatta at Argenteuil
From the Romanticism and Realism movement of the seventeenth and eighteenth century, to what became known as the Impressionism movement of the nineteenth century, the transformation of French and Western paintings was drastic and challenging. After the Franco-
Prussian war, France was in desperate and hopeful need to bring a new movement that would cheer the spirits of those that were in distress and pure anguish. This change and uprising was brought by painter Paul Cezanne and the Societe anonyme, a group of painters including Camille
Pissarro, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet and Edgar Degas (Sayre, 428). Claude Monet’s paintings were a classic characteristic of the Impressionist movement of the 1870’s. His works were also highly encouraged and inspired after meeting a marine painter, Eugene Boudin, earlier on in 1858 (Beard). Boudin and Cezanne, along with the members of societe, were well known mainly for their interests of painting en plein air. Monet’s painting The Regatta at Argenteuil clearly demonstrates his desire to not only paint landscapes and be outdoors but it was also a way to show his unique creativity to have his own style of sketchy brush strokes.
The Impressionist movement began as one of the first democratic movements in the development of modern art. At the beginning of the movement, all of these painters didn’t have much to do with one another, except that they were “bound together as strong artistic…

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