Classroom Instructional Programs For Students Essay

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Part lll: Instructional Focus Olivewood Elementary has many classroom instructional programs in place to help better meet the needs of our students. All K-6 teachers deliver a strong academic program based on the Common Core State Standards. The school also provides additional resources in language arts through a reading specialist funded by Title 1, as well as two Reading Intervention teachers supporting at risk students in grades 1-6. Our three special education teachers deliver a differentiated program to their students each based on the child’s IEP. In addition to the above programs, Olivewood has Designated ELD time in all grades. Students are leveled according to their latest CELDT scores and provided targeted instruction in oral language development in small groups. The school has two Pre-K classes that focus on developmental skills and school readiness. Students with IEPs also may participate in additional services throughout the instructional day. We have two Speech and Language specialists who provide services to our students who have speech and language IEPs. Olivewood’s special education students in grades K-6 also receive Adaptive P.E., Occupational Therapy, and Assistive Technology services during the regular school day from district specialists. In addition to the programs and services provided during the school day, Olivewood also employs an after school extended learning program for all students. This is program that is taught by Olivewood staff for one…

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