Essay on Classical Greece Vs. Hellenistic Period

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Classical Greece Vs. Hellenistic Period
Greece remains a prominent historical influence whether that be at a political, social, or cultural level. During the Hellenistic period of Greece, a theme of expansive virtues by decree of the rulers can be see, contrary to the community development values of Classical Greece. The differing social institutions of these eras correlate to that of their political institutions, which provide the guiding stimulus as to why the Hellenistic period differed greatly from that of Classical Greece. The Classical Greece period was a period of collaborative efforts of a community. The Polis in city-states gave the notion that personal happiness was correlated to the success and life of the polis (Duiker 89). After putting the Persian tyranny to a demise, Athenians searched for a government where they could work in unity. “And in this democracy, officials were sworn to act according to the laws of what is best for the people” (History). This democracy enabled an assembly where people were able to voice their opinion regardless of their class (Duiker 93). Pericles, a general who ensured the spread of democracy, was a big figure of Classical Greece. He “used… money to support Athenian artists and thinkers”, which attributes to why Athens became the leading center of Greek culture (Duiker 94 & History). At first, Athenian artists worked to rebuild a lot of Athens that was destroyed during the Persian war. During the reconstruction process,…

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