Classical Greece And Ancient Greece Essay

1889 Words Sep 8th, 2015 8 Pages
The Roman and Greek empires remain centerpieces of historical conversation to this day. Their advancements in sciences, mathematics, philosophy, literature, military strategy, and fine arts still continue to affect modern-day society throughout the world and astound many historians. The development of both ancient and classical Greece and Rome, the importance of government to the both civilizations, how each society chose to organize their government system and how this choice affected the growth of each civilization, and the influences of Greek and Roman political systems on modern society all remain important points of discussion in the topic of ancient history. Primarily, there is a difference between classical and ancient civilizations, even in the history of Greece and it’s government. Classical Greek government is more specific and narrow than ancient Greek government because classical Greece is a specific time period during the ancient Greece time period. In classical Greece, there were two primary city-states, Athens and Sparta, and both had their differences in government. Athens was a democratic city-state run mostly by the people, who were organized in their own social structure. The Athenian social structure is broken down (from the lowest level to the highest level): non citizens, slaves, and resident foreigners; women and children; and adult male citizens (primarily those Athens born and those with property). As far as government structure, women (and…

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