Classical Conditioning As A Cognitive Response To The Fear Of Spiders

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Register to read the introduction… My cousin was bitten by a brown recluse, that spider put a whole in her leg to where she was in the hospital for days it was very nasty looking. That night I remember when I went to sleep and woke up that next morning, it was one on my arm that spider scared me so bad to where I knock it off of me so fast, and hard to where I kill it instantly, but one thing it didn’t bite me at all. Every since then I always been scare of spider. That is a classical conditioning because it’s an emotional response to a previously neutral stimulus. Classical conditioning occurs, when a neutral stimulus becomes paired associated with an unconditioned stimulus to elicit a conditioned response. …show more content…
That is why I don’t like to think about spider, instantly my mind is on them, if I don’t see one I will be fine. Sometime I sit back and try to understand, why am I so afraid of spiders? Why can I stay in the room with one? Why the fear is so bad to where I have to leave? Spiders is not my cup of tea at all, and it is hard for me to face my fear of them I don’t have the heart to do so because I am that afraid of them. I have learned a lot about spider it gave me vital information that I need to know about them. I learned about different types of spider, and what they do and which ones can be very harmful and which ones are not harmful. Some spider cannot live in cold weather mostly the deadly ones have to be where the climate is warm all year round. They come in a million colors and patterns, and they are very strong for their size. ( People say in the world that spiders is a beautiful thing it help save our life without spider in the world then it would be a lot of insect surround

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