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Class- or Mass
Written Analysis and Communication II

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Neptune Gourmet Seafood
To: Mr. Stanley Renser,
Chairman and CEO,
Neptune Gourmet Seafood
From: Rita Sanchez,
Sales Director,
Neptune Gourmet Seafood
Date: November 5, 2012
Subject: Decision Report on Management of Excess Inventory

Please find attached a detailed decision report on how Neptune Gourmet Seafood can manage the current situation of increased supply. The report contains an analysis of the situation followed by the problem statement and evaluation criteria for various courses of the viable options possible.
The options have been evaluated on various parameters including profitability & brand
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3. Provide discounts to restaurants and wholesalers on additional purchases a. This option is feasible if the demands in the restaurants or of wholesalers increase or the restaurants are willing to increase the number of menu items. However, due to their own constraints they may not be able to do so. Profitability is doubtful. b. The restaurant owners and wholesalers may infer that the availability of the same fish at cheaper rates is because Neptune was overcharging them earlier. This is not good for the image of the company. 4. Launch existing product in another geographic region c. This involves additional costs to be incurred in setting up the business at the new location. A lack of proper distribution network may work against Neptune. d. One of the biggest fears of entering new markets is acceptance and if Neptune’s product does not get accepted, it will affect Neptune’s image in the new as well as the existing location. 5. Organise food-fests a. By setting up stalls at sporting events such as the NHL and the NBA, and by organising food fests where Neptune’s seafood will be provided at a low cost, the excess inventory can be sold of easily at reasonable profits. b. Customers will not feel they were previously charged extra. Neptune’s image will not only be preserved but also enhanced as a tie-up with sports will provide advertisement,

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